…And this is our story:

(In the beginning, we were tour guides)

We started as tour guides, passionate about our profession and in love with our land and our culture.

Then, we decided to create a small local agency with the idea of taking complete control of our work.

Gradually, other national and international agencies started noticing us and hiring our company to provide some local services. Delighted by our quality standards, they kept asking for more services, more locations, and more exclusive and customised products.

And so, year after year, the foundations of something new were laid, and it became increasingly necessary to create ABAQ DMC, the agency capable of living up to such trust and expectations.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, to some extent, ABAQ DMC was also made by our collaborators and clients, by all those who have worked with us and have actively requested that such a project became a reality.

Today, after years of experience, we are very proud to have a team of outstanding professionals, and a solid reputation as the go-to provider for tailor-made, exclusive services for both individual travellers and corporate events throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

But we do not forget our origins, that attention to detail and great care that a tour guide displays to take care of a group, the ability to stand up for them and plan everything to perfection in order to attain excellence.

We are fully aware of how important communication is throughout a trip or any other leisure activity, and we certainly still feel that urge to keep discovering, trying, and experiencing new things, so we can share them with you with the utmost passion and sincerity.

All this has been and is today Abaq.

our team


Jago Sermasi

Co-founder, & chief marketing officer

In love with Spain and Andalusia to the point of leaving Italy, my country of birth, and having been in these lands for the last 20 years. Graduated in Political Science and International Relations, guide during my first years in the sector, and photographer by passion, I am one of the founding partners of Abaq DMC. I am also a lecturer in the Master's Degree in Tourism Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Granada. 

I have always believed that a good planning and organization of a project allows enjoying it with relaxation and carefree once it is underway: this is one of my missions at Abaq DMC.


Paula García

General Manager & Travel Designer

I was born in Sevilla, studied there and I started my professional life in Amsterdam, working as a tour guide through the Netherlands and Belgium. Because I am an eager traveler myself, I’ve always seen tourism and culture as a way of life, not just a career, so as a travel agent and a tour guide I try to communicate the uniqueness of the destinations. At ABAQ DMC I organize trips in Andalucia; designing tailor-made experiences and showing every corner of the region, such as its heritage, traditions, gastronomy, etc. I speak Spanish and English.


Eric Zint

Co-founder & chief financial officer

After living in Honduras, Germany, and Australia and traveling all over the world, I chose the spectacular city of Granada as my home and co-founded Abaq DMC. Despite having a degree in Industrial Engineering, my passion for traveling made me pursue a career in the tourism industry. I fell in love with the beauty of Granada & Andalusia, the richness and variety of its history, the joy of its people, and of course its gastronomy, like so many tourists who visit the region every year. Despite being a destination of choice for so many, I believe in responsible tourism and am always in favor of local guides, and supporting small businesses I believe that a different kind of tourism is possible.


Beatriz Gutiérrez

Itinerary Manager & Official Guide

I was born and raised in Granada.  I am in love with my city. I have studied Art History and also I have been working many years as an official tour guide. I speak Spanish, English and Italian. I am a specialist in the destination of Granada and I am  in charge of designing and managing tailor-made tours for travelers visiting this city.


Juan Pedro González

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Born in a small town in the countryside of Cordoba, I grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean in Alicante and for almost a decade I have had the pleasure of living in my beloved Granada. I have a degree in History, a Master in Tourism Management and Planning, and I am an official tourist guide. As one of the founding partners of Abaq DMC, I am in charge of product development and design of tailor-made experiences. I love to take care of every detail of what I do. I speak Spanish, English and French.


Marta de la Torre

Itinerary Manager & Official Guide

I am from Seville and adopted from Granada. I consider myself a curious person who always wanted to explore and share unforgettable experiences. I studied Tourism and dedicated myself to travel around Europe in my adventure as a flight attendant and documentary filmmaker, learning English and the customs of each country. Destiny took me 5 years ago to Granada, where I fell in love with its history, art, and culture. Since then I have been fully dedicated to tourism. I am part of a great team dedicated to tailor-made experiences with attention to detail.

our name

"The term 'Abaq' comes from the Greek words ἄβαξ (abax) or ἄβακoς (abakos), both of which refer to a flat surface. Another possible etymology of the word refers to the Phoenician term of Hebrew origin 'אבק', that nowadays is pronounced ābāq and means “dust”, even though its meaning in Biblical Hebrew was “grain”. Interestingly enough, in some Tamazight (Berber) dialects, the word ʾābāq still means “seed”.

But most of all, Abaq refers to the word abacus, the calculating tool that embodies the progress of the Mediterranean civilizations that gave birth to the current Hispanic culture, a mixture of Greeks, Romans (Latin), and Jewish, as well as Berbers, a people that had a protagonist role in the foundation and development of Al-Andalus, and whose language still associates the vocable "abaq" with a “seed”, something at the origin, the source from where new things are born.

Lastly, an abacus is also a professional tool, associated with precision and dedication, with study and wisdom.

In Abaq, we bring together the Mediterranean cultures that have forged what we are today. We are dust and seed, science and history: a journey through time and countless cultures and civilizations.

abaq-black 1


In our house, sailor rhymes with tailor, and these are 2 fields we know very well in Spain. Like professionals of haute couture, we will listen, measure, cut and sew the trip that best suits your desires.
We will carefully select landscapes and accommodations and weave them into the finest fabrics, capable of comfortably adapting to the body. We will dye them with the most crystalline waters of small Mediterranean coves, the grass of Atlantic meadows and the limestone of Romanesque cathedrals. We will decorate them with the patterns of Moorish tiles, the fantasy of Gaudi’s architecture and the strength of Goya’s paintings.
aWith them, we will make shirts adorned by Michelin stars, shoes with a private driver to move at ease, hot air balloon heels to see your journey from the sky and a coat made out of bulerías to keep you warm at night.
All aboard! Let the haute couture begin…